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Address : Seoul/Chongno-gu
TEL : +82 2 - 732 - 5292
FAX : +82 2- 720 - 1391
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Head Priest : Wondam
Language : English Japanese
  • Title
  •   :   Jogyesa Temple Life Program
  • Location
  •   :   Seoul
  • Target
  •   :   Foreigner
  • Period
  •   :   Always
  • Type
  •   :   Templestay
  • Price
  •   :   ₩20,000
    Tample's History
    Jogyesa is located in the heart of Jongno, Seoul, a global community of international culture. Through full of modern developments it is also superbly positioned as a historical site revealing the past and present of Korean Buddhism.
    The Jogyesa has become a significant site of prayer and practice for lay Buddhists, and a welcoming resting place for ordinary citizens.

    Foundation and Development

    Jogyesa was originally built in 1910 at the place of the present Susong Park in the name of Gakhwangsa Temple.
    It was built by the great monk such as Manhae Hanyongwun, through the Buddhist innovation movement. The Temple served as the spiritual backbone for Korean people under Japanese occupation. In 1936, it became the headquarters for the Korean Buddhist order of Taego. In 1938, its Daewungjeon or Main Buddha Hall was reconstructed at the present site. After Korea's national independence in 1945, the Buddhist Purification Movement was led by the Temple with a view to clean off the vestiges of Japanese imperialism. In 1954, it was renamed as Jogyesa, the only traditional temple located inside the boundary of four gates built during Chosun Dynasty in Seoul.
    Tample stay Programs
    Korean Buddhism has been the spiritual refuge of Korean people for 1,700 years. We invite you to the Temple Life Program, through which your state of mind might be observed and the real taste of Korea's traditional culture could be experienced.

    Only through the internet (www.jogyesa.org/english)
    Regardless the number of participant (limited to 15 people)
    You should make a reservation 2 days before the program.
    Balwugongyeng will be cancelled for less than 3 participants.

    â–¶ Programs are held on following days:
    27th. March. 2004
    24th. April. 2004
    29th. May. 2004
    26th. June. 2004
    24th. July. 2004
    28th. Aug. 2004
    25th. Sep. 2004
    30th. Oct. 2004
    27th. Nov. 2004

    â–¶ Basic Program (2 hours)
    Jogyesa Temple Tour : 30 minutes
    Tea Ceremony : 40 minutes
    Seon or Meditation : 40 minutes

    â–¶ Practicing Program (1 hour)
    Balwu Gongyang, or Four-bowl meals

    â–¶ Participation Program (1 hour)
    Scripture printing
    Lotus lantern making

    â–¶ Languages
    English / Japanese

    â–¶ Fees
    Basic Program : ₩10,000
    Practicing Program : ₩10,000
    Participation Program : ₩10,000

    â–¶ Reservations
    Foreigners Information Center, Jogyesa Temple
    Tel. 02-732-5292 or Internet.
    10-day advance booking
    6 people or more
    No programs will be held on Sunday
    Temple Stay Schedules
    10:00 Orientation - Basic temple manner - Brief introduction of Korean Buddhism
    10:40 Meditation (Guided by Sunim) - Walking Meditation - Meditation
    11:30 Bal-Woo Gong-Yang(Four Bowl Meals)
    12:30 Tea ceremony with Sunim (Q&A about Buddhism)
    13:10 Tour of Jogyesa Temple
    13:30 Closing ceremony
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