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Gol gul sa(Other)
Address : Other/Gyeongju-si
TEL : +82 54 745 0246
FAX : +82 54 746 0172
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Head Priest :
Language : Korean English
  • Title
  •   :   Golgulsa temple Training
  • Location
  •   :   Other
  • Target
  •   :   All
  • Period
  •   :   Always
  • Type
  •   :   Templestay
  • Price
  •   :   US $40.00 for a one night, two day stay / US $300.00 per group
    Tample's History
    The Shilla Dynasty's culture is based on Buddhism and ruins from this period are found in the ancient capital, Kyongju and the surrounding mountains, Mt Nam, Mt Toham and Mt Ham-wol.
    Golgulsa (Stone Buddha Temple) located 20km east of Kyongju, treasures the oldest historical Buddhist ruins in Mt Hamwol and the only cave temple in Korea.
    The temple was built out of solid rock during the 6th century by Saint Kwang Yoo and his companions, Buddhist monks from India. This temple contains a sculptured MayaTathagata Buddha and twelve rock caves.
    This locally used prayer sanctuardry and birth place of spiritual culture had been eroding due to its inaccessiblility.
    Recently ex-Master Monk of Kirimsa (Kirim Temple), Seol Jeok Woon, constructed a road and renovated and developed the temple.
    Now, the temple offers peace of mind to all Buddhists.
    Tample stay Programs
    " Geugang Yuksasang" at Kyongju's Sokuram temple and Boonswangsa temple's "Inwangsang" are regareded as guadian statues in Buddhism and are the basic foundation of Sunmudo.
    The characteristics of the traditional Korean martial arts Taekyun and Taekwondo are also modeled after these statues.
    Golgulsa temple's Sunmudo is different from martial arts in that it is silent training, teaching Zen-meditation, Yoga, and the techniques of Buddhist moving meditation.
    The harmony of inner energy and physical strength is attained through a balanced combination of
    these slow meditative movements with selfdefense and fighting technique.
    Zen Buddhists believe that exercising both the mind and body in this way leads to good health, inner peace, and ultimately enlightenment. The opportunity to practice this philosophy and to experience life in a traditional Buddhist temple attracts martial artists and truth seekers from around the world to Golgulsa.

    - Reservation is required. The fee is US $40.00 for a one night, two day stay, which includes three meals.
    Short time training is available while you are visiting Golgulsa.
    - For groups with 30 people the fee is US $30.00 per person.
    - There is also a three hour course available for groups(min, 10, max, 30 people).
    The fee is US $300.00 per group.
    Temple Stay Schedules
    Golgul Temple Training Schedule

    04 AM The temple day begins with a wake up call,
    04:30 AM Chanting and sutra reading
    05 AM Zen Meditation
    06 AM Jogging or walking
    07 AM Breakfast
    08 AM Cleaning around temple site
    09 AM Sunmudo Training
    11 AM Cleansing Meditation -108 bows
    12 NOON Lunch
    02 PM Work
    05 PM Break time
    06 PM Dinner
    07 PM Evening chanting
    07:30 PM Sunmudo training
    09 PM The temple day ends
    09:30 PM Bedtime
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