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Beomeo sa(Busan)
Address : Busan/
TEL : +82 51 508 3722
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Language : English Korean
  • Title
  •   :   Beomeo sa Temple Stay
  • Location
  •   :   Busan
  • Target
  •   :   All
  • Period
  •   :   Always
  • Type
  •   :   Templestay
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    Tample's History
    There are some different opinions about the date of the construction of Beomeosa, but most believe that it was constructed by the monk Euisang-Daesa in the 18th year of King Mun-Mu of the Shilla Dynasty (678A.D.)

    It is one of "the ten great Hwaeom temples" which promoted the ideas and the doctrines of Hwaeom which were founded by Euisang-Daesa after he finished studying abroad in China(The Tang Dynasty) in the tenth year of the Mun-Mu regime(670 A.D.). The founding of this temple was the result of a dream that King Mun-Mu had during the Japanese invasion of Korea.

    The king was worried after reports of Japan's battleships and its force of 100,000 soldiers.

    He saw a god in a dream that told him the following and then disappeared :

    "Your Highness, don't worry. There is a great monk EEuisang, in Mt.Taebaek, and he is the seventh incarnation of Maitreya. He preaches about the doctrines of Hwaeom and leads 1,000 holy men, 1,000 heavenly beings, and 1,000 godlike beings and is guarded by the gods.

    There is Mt.Geumjeong near the East Sea and this mountain has a huge rock on the top, which is about 15m high. That rock has holy fish in its eternal well. If you recite the doctrines of Buddhism with a heartfelt mind (with Euisang-Daesa) for seven days and nights, then Maitreya will appear as a gold shining god leading heavenly soldiers with holy features and will defeat the Japanese invaders from the East Sea. But if the recitation is stopped, then the Japanese will continue to invade. On the other hand, if Korea continues to practice the teachings of Hwaeom, there will be no war and the country will be prosperous forever."

    The king awoke the next morning and immediately met with his officials and told them about his dream.

    Then he summoned Euisang-Daesa.

    The king went to Mt.Geumjeong and prayed with the monk as the god had directed him. Then the heavenly soldiers appeared and defeated the invaders leaving only a few to return to Japan.

    The king was greatly pleased and gave the title of Yegong to Euisang-Daesa and together they founded Beomeosa on the slpes of Mt.Geumjeong.

    Beomeosa was very large at the time of its foundation. It had many buildings, such as the Mireukjeon(Maitreya, the Buddha of the future), Birojeon(Vairocana, the Buddha of cosmic energy), Ch'onwangshinjon, Yusongjon, Ch'oltang, a belfry, dining rooms,

    classrooms,bathrooms and 360 rooms for Buddhist fellows.

    Besides those buildings, the temple also had thousands of acres of land and hundreds of servants. The scale of Beomeosa as recorded in the historic book, 'Sa-Jok-Ki' is as follows :

    "They constructed the Mireukjeon (the Buddha of the future), which was composed of stone statues of Mireuk and other bosals(Bodhisattvas or Buddhas), and the statue of the armed Sacheonwang (Four Guardian Kings).

    To the west of the Mireukjeon, there were three other sections including the Birojeon and its statue, Manjusri (Bodhisattva of wisdom), Samantabhadra (Bodhisattva of Action), and the statue of armed Hyang-Hwa-Dong-Ja.

    To the east of the Mireukjeon, there were three more sections including the Taejangjon, which contained a copy of the Tripitaka ( the greatest books of the teachings of Buddha), and a building containing three copies of the Hwaeom-Gyong (Avatamsaka Sutra), and a five-meter-high statue of Sakyamuni ( the original Buddha)."

    There were also many other buildings listed.

    The man who chose the site was Euisang-Daesa. The director of construction was the king at that time. The man in charge of the roof construction was the P'yongjang-Sa. Yu Ch'un-u and the man who leveled the land and supplied the wood was Tam Sun-Gwi. The area of the temple was thousands of acres, and hundreds of servants lived at the temple.

    They continually studied and recited the doctrines of Hwaeom. The records of the temple show the great scale of Beomeosa at the time of its foundation. The structure of the temple must have represented the utopia of Hwaeom philosophy.
    Tample stay Programs
    templestay possible more than at least 10 people.

    But, If you want temple stay with other person, is possible.

    Otherwise Short time visiting is available(available individual guidance)

    TEL : Temple office (051)508-3722
    Temple Stay Schedules
    * first day

    13:00 - Check In - room assign
    16:00 - Orientation - Brief mention about temple stay
    17:00 - Dinner
    18:00 - YeBul - The evening worship
    19:00 - Free time & Special Program(Tea manner,Zen meditation,make tradition lamp ) 21:00 - Bedtime

    * second day

    04:00 - wake up call, Chanting and sutra reading(if you want)
    05:00 - Zen Meditation, Sunmudo(Zen Martial arts)
    06:00 - Breakfast
    07:00 - Free time & Walking and looking around the temple place 10:00 - Special Program(Tea manner,Zen meditation,make tradition lamp ) 12:00 - Exercise(meal manner) - How to do the balwoogongyang 13:00 - Check Out
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