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Address : kangwon/near Soraksan area
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Head Priest : SulWong
Language : Korean English
  • Title
  •   :   the program of experiencing temple culture in NackSanSa
  • Location
  •   :   kangwon
  • Target
  •   :   All
  • Period
  •   :   Always
  • Type
  •   :   Templestay
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    Tample's History
    ?œNackSanSa??is filled with the generous smile of ??HeaSueGhanEmBooSalSang??

    ?œSolak?? a mountain, dominates the sea and the sea joins the land. ?œNackSanSa??is made of cozy mud walls and canbe found in the Mt, ?œOhBongSan??

    The voice of waves, the wind bell and the smell of sea pine needles are in the air. The generous smile of the saint Buddha looks over the beach. That is the beginning of our trip to ?œNackSanSa?? ADuring the regin of king ?œMonMou??of the 11th year of the ?œShilla??dynasty, Saint ?œWhueSang??heard that the corpses of a Buddhist saint stayed in a cave near the beach. He went into the cave and worshiped there. In the middle of worship, the dragon of the east sea gave him crystal beads and said ??There are two bamboo trees on hill. It is my head. Build a temple and place a statue there. That is the establishment of ?œNackSanSa??

    We will get the chance to look around every corner of ?œNackSanSa?? the major place for experiencing the temple culture.
    Tample stay Programs
    ?BalwooGongYang??(the special process during mealtime)
    It is a great chance to learn ?œBalwoo-Gong-yang?? which has many meanings for Buddhism.
    through ?œBalWooGongYang??you should reflect on our conduct to have wasted the food and correct they manner of eating . It is a special way to help improve your health.

    Tasting teas.
    You can learn how to enjoy the tea ceremony which is one of the important way of self-development in the temple. (page 75). When you are treated to tea, you may at first feel uncertain as to how to take tea.

    The Auditory Tour
    You can hear the sound of a big bell, wood block. You can have a genuine experience of beating real Buddhist instruments which you have seen in a distance. Maybe, it is the first program of auditory tour in Korea. Please enjoy the program!

    The meditation experience
    It is the study of the meditation which monks used to practice self-discipline everyday. Recapture the time lost from all the worldly thoughts and earthly desires.

    The 108 Vow Experience
    ??08-vows??means ?œRepenting 108 times?? It is bowing 108 times to get rid of earthly desires. There are ??080times?? ??000times?? ??0000times?? They are the way of bowing in the temple. You can discover the way to remove desire and worldly thought through ??08vows??It also can help you purify your body through the motion of vowing.

    The rising sun burned the seed of desire.
    Members of the tour, Did you have a good sleep?
    It is the beginning of a day when the sun rises. But in the temple it begins with the sound of a wood block and chanting of the sutra before the dawn. Shortly after awake with the sound of a wood block and go back to the chapel to worship, the sun comes up. It is getting brighter. We go to watch the sunrise at the ?œWheeSangDae??where the master ?œWheeSang??had sat while studying.
    Many writers have spent much time here. The governor ?œJoungChul??praised the beauty of it in the his famous poetry. It is also a famous place in the world to celebrate New Year?™s Day Let make plans for a day.

    Saving rememberunce of temple stay
    Anyone want to saving the memory with lover like as the beautiful scenic in the movies. Some years passed, They can see the photograph and letter then remembering the beautiful season. They can recognized the beautiful memories of past events. Saving your memories with the meaningful letter and photograph! Then in the daily life, If you feel tired and hard, open you meaningful letter. You can make a smile in your face and make a travel of past times. We will make a good memories for you!
    Temple Stay Schedules
    Temple stay 2days program

    1st day
    13:00 ~ Arrive
    - arrive(room assign, guide book distribution)
    13:00 ~ 13:30 orientation
    - Brief mention about temple stay director
    14:00 ~ 15:00 Tea manner
    - What is the tea manner
    - variety of tea and instrument
    - How to drink the tea
    15:00 ~ 16:50 Walk and look
    - Walking and looking around the temple place
    - take the photograph
    17:00 ~ 17:50 Exercise(meal manner)
    - How to do the balwoogongyang Over 7 person
    18:00 ~ 18:50 Balwoogongyang
    - meal manner in temple
    18:50 ~ 20:00 Sound experience night worship 108 bow
    - Sound experience (Bronze bell, Drum etc)
    - worship
    - 108 bow
    20:00 ~ 21:00 Zen meditation
    - explain
    - practice with question
    - debate
    21:00 ~ 03:00 sleeping
    - turn off light and sleeping

    2nd day
    03:00 ~ 05:00 early morning worship (autonomy select)
    - wake up, washing
    - sound experience
    - worship option
    05:00 ~ 06:00 sunrise walking
    - sunrise experience
    06:00 ~ 07:00 breakfast
    - motning meal
    07:30 ~ 11:30 free time
    - sorak mountain(sinheungsa temple bisundae, Gyejoam)
    - beach walking
    - seawater sauna
    - tea manner option
    11:30 ~ 12:30 Lunch
    - lunch meal
    12:30 ~ go home

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