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 Dong-Hwa sa
Dong-Hwa Sa is located on Palgong Mountain, which has been respected as a holy mountain in Korea since the Shilla Kingdom Period. Palgong Mountain has so many Buddhist temples and Buddha statues that people say "there are temples in every corner and statues in every rock". Dong-Hwa Sa itself has also innumerable Buddhist cultural assets.
 Jik-ji sa
Jik-ji sa is a living museum itself, with many cultural assets and an actual museum within.The Jik-ji sa museum is the main location of Buddhist cultural assets of North Kyongsang Province.There is a large Buddhist painting hanging inside the Main hall that represents 18th century works through its good organization, sense of description and balanced color sense.Also, a thousand Buddha statues are enshrined inside the Vairocana Hall.
 Hea-in sa
Hae-in sa is one of the Three Jewel Temples in Korea and is called the Dharma Jewel Temple because it houses the Tripitaka Koreana, the Great Scripture which is the Koryu Dynasty canon. Hae-in sa was built by the Buddhist monks Soonueng Sunim and Ijung Sunim in 802 AD for spreading Hwa-um philosophy, which is a Buddhist philosophy based on the Avamtamsaka Sutra. UNESCO designated the Great Scripture (which consists of about 84 thousands wooden boards with sutras carved on them and the warehouse of the boards) World Cultural Heritage No. 463 on Dec 9, 1995. Also this is National Treasure No. 32. Besides this, Hae-in sa keeps many other cultural treasures.
If you wish to have more information of Korean Templestay,
please send us e-mail or fax (+82-2-6092-8150).
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