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  • NO : 17 Date : Apr/05/09 14:24
    Name : Diana/T E-mail : <rentottawa@canada.com>
    Subject : OTTAWA independent homestay, ESL homework help :-)
    Hi! My name is Diana Thistle Tremblay. I'm a children's writer - you can Google me ;-) I live in a quiet family neighbourhood, right beside a bus stop (27 minutes to downtown in rush hour). We are a five-minute walk from great grocery shopping, and you can cook whatever you like whenever you like. I have two rooms upstairs, fully furnished and ready for ESL students or other travellers who would like a safe and cosy atmosphere.

    I am happy to offer an hour a week of ESL homework help or help with other questions about English (or about anything to do with life in Ottawa/Canada).

    So far I have hosted four ESL students, all Korean (and all female, we are an all-female household). We had a lot of fun, and everybody learned a lot (me especially). I miss my Korean friends. I also miss spicy pork and homemade sushi. I even miss Kimchi!
    Right now, my household consists of me (upstairs room), and my 19-year-old Ottawa U student (basement bedroom, was my daughter's room but she's at university now), and two friendly cats. My two rooms upstairs are ready for guests, so call me at (Canada code 01) 613-526-2277 or email me at rentottawa@canada.com. I'm happy to answer any questions.

    If you would like a reference from one of my Korean friends, just ask me :-)

    more details and PICTURES at http://ottawahomestay.blogspot.com/

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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