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가고 싶은 국가를 선택하여 주십시요. 같은 국가를 가고 싶어하는 사람들의 리스트를 보실수가 있습니다.
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    20 ESL English homestay Baguio Philippines kevin taylor English May/08/07
    18 I want to have korean friends kunnasit kingkeawsopo Thailand Dec/01/06
    15 teacher wants to exchange room for private ... Janet Mulford American Sep/18/06
    19    teacher wants to exchange room for private ... Seung Woo Han Dec/29/06
    16    teacher wants to exchange room for private ... estherlee Sep/20/06
    14 traditional thai teak wood house Bangkok ... JanTomasiewicz Bangkok short long term homestay home stays Aug/23/06
    17    http://massagelondon.org Massage Therapy ... Jan http: Nov/09/06
    11 wanna find a host family in Beijing? Beijing Leeo Dec/21/05
    10 welcome to my house KJKIM Korea Jul/19/05
    13     welcome to my house ophelialiu Jun/17/06
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